ZARA kimono & tee, CONVERSE sneakers, NA-KD earrings, SELECTED FEMME bag, GINA TRICOT jeans

Happy Fri-YAY you guys! Are you excited for the weekend, cuz I am! Right now I’m off to work, but before that I really wanted to share my outfit with you! I’m just in love with this all black and a embroidered kimono on top. It just makes it all pop, don’t you think? I’m just so in love with this kimono in general, and I’ve got so many compliments on this one already! Such a great buy.
What do you guys think of this outfit? xoxo Therese



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If there is one store I would call “the master of prints”, it must be Zara. Luckily I have a Zara store where I live, which also means I kinda look at store as my second home. Haha, just because I’m there every time I’m either strolling around the city or I have a break from work (or before I start my shift). And of course, when it comes to clothing Zara basically has been my favourite for the last 3 years, and especially the last year.

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“When I saw this kimono i fell in love immediately”

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While strolling around the other day I saw this kimono I fell in love immediately. I knew I had to have this one in my spring summer collection, and since I had lack of time I knew I had to search zara for it online, just because I didn’t have the chance to buy it while I was in the store. At to the point; this is my latest piece to my wardrobe, and I’m totally obsessed with it, the detailing is just amazing! I can’t wait to style this one and wear it too much the next upcoming weeks!

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You can find it here