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MANGO smiley tee (here) & earrings (here and here), TOPSHOP pants (here), ZARA denim jacket (here) , jeans (here), cut out shoulder blazer (here), backpack (here), flowery bag (here), H&M choker (here), LINDEX bralette (here), H&M TREND skirt (here), tee (here), shirtdress (here)


THINK PINK, ALWAYS. Black may be my happy color, but since I was a little girl I’ve loved everything pink, and I still do. Having a wardrobe with cute girly pieces is what I’m currently dreaming about, and these items are on the top of my lust list right now.



H&M TREND skirt & blouse, EGO sneakers, MANGO earrings


Happy Saturday! It’s raining outside today, which is totally okay (since I have to study for my exam in statistics that I’m going to have on Tuesday). I was taking a little stroll around the city this morning looking for inspiration and new clothes that I want to wear this upcoming summer (if we get any – haha) and this skirt caught my eye at H&M trend – just love it! Styling the skirt with a cute blouse, a cute pair of sneakers (that are totally Gucci look-a-like) with a pair of flowery earrings as well is the perfect for summer! I think this is the totally dream outfit, and this is what I would love to wear today!


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If there is one store I would call “the master of prints”, it must be Zara. Luckily I have a Zara store where I live, which also means I kinda look at store as my second home. Haha, just because I’m there every time I’m either strolling around the city or I have a break from work (or before I start my shift). And of course, when it comes to clothing Zara basically has been my favourite for the last 3 years, and especially the last year.

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“When I saw this kimono i fell in love immediately”

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While strolling around the other day I saw this kimono I fell in love immediately. I knew I had to have this one in my spring summer collection, and since I had lack of time I knew I had to search zara for it online, just because I didn’t have the chance to buy it while I was in the store. At to the point; this is my latest piece to my wardrobe, and I’m totally obsessed with it, the detailing is just amazing! I can’t wait to style this one and wear it too much the next upcoming weeks!

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Bilde 29.04.2017, 15.12.22

You can find it here


Flower prints are a huge trend right now, and I have to admit it; I’m totally obsessed. Different stores has so much cool stuff in stock right now, and I’m about to pick out my favorites for the spring/summer season.

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H&M dress / EGO SHOES sneakers & heels / ZARA bag & pants


Summer is right around the corner, and I’m ready to rock the flowerprints this season!

PS: The inspiration photos in this post are from pinterest!


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Everything from ZARA

Today I really wish I could wear this outfit. I’ve saved everything in my shopping bag at zara.com and I really hope that my pay check from work will at least be 10 millions this month (haha, just kidding – but at least, I wish it was possible!) so I can buy everything!

Happy sunday! Hope the weather is better where you are? It’s raining like crazy today, and that has taken all of my motivation of doing anything away from me (but at least I got the motivation to finish all my math home works that was on my to do list for today!).


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ZARA sandals, jacket and sweatshirt / MONKI jeans / TOPSHOP skirt / H&M tee / BIKBOK super hero tee / MANGO earrings / EGO mules

I just realised that april is almost over and I haven’t shared my wanties for the month! I’m dreaming about wearing cute tees and sandals all day, but it is actually snowing outside while I’m writing this blogpost! How crazy is that?

I am obsessed with flowerprints right now, and I want a lot of clothes with flowerpatches on, and of course I’m obsessed with the “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” tee from H&M, it’s literally my favorite quote to live by, so that is one of the pieces that need to be a part of my wardrobe this month!