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H&M shirt, EGO shoes, GUCCI bag, THEUNDONE.COM jeans & jacket


I’m about to grab a iced coffee from the refrigerator and go. I’m soon of to work, but before that I really need to fix some things. I actually have a jacket that I need to return, just because there was a huge discoloration on the latest jacket that I ordered online, it’s actually so annoying when that happens.

Today I wouldn’t mind wearing this outfit. All black to match my attitude – haha, just kidding, but I’m totally obsessed with this outfit, all the pieces in general. Can we talk about that Gucci bag tho? I want it so bad!


xoxo Therese


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Using a glitter coat on top makes it a little manicure so much more fun, and it is super duper easy! You should try it out.

Here I’m using the Zoya nail polish in the color Rue which I think is the most perfect nude pink color and the gold glitter nail polish is from Ruby kisses. And of course a little shout out to Zoya nail polishes for making the best (I’m not even kidding you guys) nail polishes ever! I’ve tried so many brands, and no one is so freaking good at the polishes from Zoya, they last for days and days without chipping.

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I’m obsessed with nail polishes, and I always wear them. I just think it makes the perfect touch to every thing, and being creative with your manicure can make everything “pop” (if you know what I mean). I love being creative with my nail polish, not only wearing one color at the time, but actually mixing an matching different colors or taking a glitter coat on top. I think that has been a huge trend lately, and I’m obsessed.





When it comes to interior inspiration, I’ve been totally obsessed with Aimee Songs (aka song of style) style. I just think that she is the goddess when it comes to interior, and as being a interior designer my self, she is my number one biggest inspiration. Lately I’ve been checking out all her interior videos on youtube, and also constantly checking her blog for new interior post. I just love them all, and I’m totally obsessed with this office sitting space right now, it’s so chic.







ZARA kimono & tee, CONVERSE sneakers, NA-KD earrings, SELECTED FEMME bag, GINA TRICOT jeans

Happy Fri-YAY you guys! Are you excited for the weekend, cuz I am! Right now I’m off to work, but before that I really wanted to share my outfit with you! I’m just in love with this all black and a embroidered kimono on top. It just makes it all pop, don’t you think? I’m just so in love with this kimono in general, and I’ve got so many compliments on this one already! Such a great buy.
What do you guys think of this outfit? xoxo Therese


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pictures from Pinterest

There is no secret that my biggest dream ever is to draw and design my own house (and of course, I’ve started the process). What I’m looking the most forward to when it comes to owning my dream house must be to plan the backyard and the garden. I’m pretty sure how I really want to design it, and I got so many ideas on what kind of furnitures and decor I really want. I’m totally obsessed and inspired by the exterior that you can see in my little inspiration collage. It’s so elegant, chic and of course, so relaxing. All I really want!

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GRANIT light chain, bamboo chair & ladder, H&M HOME candle, TINE K flowerpot & lantern, ZARA HOME turtle detail


xoxo Therese

REVIEW: IsaDora ultra matt liquid lipstick

Happy Thursday you guys! Hope you are ready for another review from me? Well finally, here is my little review on the ultra matt liquid lipsticks.



The packaging of this is so handy. The lipstick is so small and it is so easy to throw in your bag, your school backpack or even your wallet if you’re going out.


I love the feeling of it when I’m wearing it. It is not sticky or it’s not drying, and that is what I really love about this product. I’ve tried different matte liquid lipsticks before, and one of my favs has been the lingerie collection from NYX. That collection has also been very hyped up, and been very popular for a long time now, but this one from IsaDora is just so much better in both consistency and how it feels on my lips, I think.

Bilde 25.05.2017455
Before applying it

After applying it


As I’ve mention in my previous blogpost about this one (the one writing about my fav lip color), this lipstick is so natural and matches my natural lip color so well. It is kind of an “my lips but better” color, and that is what I really like to wear on a daily basis.

Just look how natural it is.



A total yay from me! I just love this product. It’s so natural, very easy to apply, and of course. The color are so stunning. The only “negative” thing I can think about is that there is not so many colors in the ultra matt liquid lipstick collection from IsaDora, but I really hope that there will be more of them pretty soon!

My latest review, read it here


What is you fav matt liquid lipstick? xoxo Therese


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I love making smoothies, especially now it’s getting warmer outside. Today I started the day with a lovely and refreshing smoothie bowl, and I think this must be my new fav brekkie! So easy, and so quick.

What I personally loves about these smoothie bowls is that you can put what ever you want in them to personalize your own one. What I use in my smoothie bowl: 1/2 banana, a handful of goji, a handful of coconut chips, 1 glass of water, 1 glass of frozen raspberries. I mix it all in a blender, and decorate it to make it cute. I like using coconut chips, the rest of the banana that I didn’t use in my smoothie and some seeds or oats.

In my smoothies I love using goji berries, also known as a “super fruit”. I love using it just because it has a lot of good vitamins, and it also contains natural beta carotene.


What do you like putting in your smoothie bowl? xoxo Therese