… Who’s the fairest of them all?

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I’ve been wanting a mirror for my bedroom for the longest time now, and this mirror has been on my wishlist since we got it in stock in the interior store where I work. I was actually planning on buying this and paint it gold, but I think I’m in love with it just as it is!

Oh, and btw: I’m wearing an oversized shirt from Zara, earrings from NA-KD, jeans from Gina Tricot (as always, cuz yes, I’m only wearing one type of jeans – they’re my fav), and my lip color is a lip pen from NYX in the color pink cantaloupe (soooo beautiful!!)


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Yesterday I spontaneously bought myself a big as ficus tree, even before I got the chance to think if it would fit in my tiny car. (But of course, with my luck, everything went pretty well!) Since my lemon tree totally ditched me, and didn’t want to be my friend at all, I really wanted to invest in a new plant. I found my ficus tree at Granit, and I even got a 50% discount on it, which is totally craycray!!



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For this recipe you only need (this will give you 3 small milkshakes): Around 10 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream, 7 Oreo cookies, milk, and for the topping and decor I used whipped cream (I used the one that comes in a can) & chocolate sauce.

This is how you do it: Start scooping vanilla bean ice cream into a blender. I made 3 Oreo milkshakes, so I used around 10 scoops, mix the ice cream with some milk (for the milk you really have to try out how much you want, like: do you prefer a thick milkshake or a thinner consistency?). Let it blend for a little while in the blender before you’re mixing the Oreos in to the milkshake. Blend it until it’s nice and even. Find some cute milkshake cups and make a little pattern with chocolate sauce. Top it off with some whipped cream and a Oreo cookie!

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Happy Friday you guys. I gotta little recipe for you today, and it is totally FriYAY approved! This milkshake is just too good; I promise you, this milkshake will make you dream about milkshakes all night! It’s perfect for the summer weekends, if you’re about to have you’re girlfriends over for a cozy night in, and of course, it’s super easy to make.


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I’m such a girly girl when it comes to colors, and I’m in love with pink

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I’m such a girly girl when it comes to colors, and pink is definitely my favorite color of all time! I’ve wanted a denim jacket for a long time, and this ripped pink denim is just the coolest thing ever, and I’m totally obsessed.

I’ve kinda found my new go to outfit for summer, and I’m totally in love with matching metallic pinks with baby pink – just look how cool it is! I think this outfit is literally so bomb, and I’m planning on wearing this every single day for the next couple of months!

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ZARA bag, tee & denim jacket, H&M earrings

I’ve seen this denim jacket all over the place! It’s been so popular at Zara, that I’ve been waiting patiently for it to come back in store. I’ve been wearing this jacket like craycray, and I’ve got another outfit that I want to style for you as well here on my blog (which is so cute, I could literally die), so stay tuned!

xx Therese



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Always having the most important things: Chewing gum, car keys, my iPhone, wet wipes, perfume, my lip color for the day, painkillers and of course my wallet. I feel like I’m the kinda girl who is always prepared for every little occasion, like – you never know if your going to kiss a cute guy on the street (haha, or not. Lol).