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A morning filled with good food and coffee


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I met one of my girls for a little breakfast session before I needed to go to work. It was so nice catching up with her and just talking about life in general since she has spent a year in Australia finishing her grade! We went to Ostehuset, my favorite place to eat in Stavanger (where I live, and if you ever are planning on visiting Stavanger, you have to try them out). They just got the best food in town, and of course I went for the club sandwich, as always – which is totally my fave, and of course a iced coffee!





Happy Wednesday you guys! I hope you all are doing well?

Today was the Norwegian constitution day – so happy birthday Norway! I spent the day with my family, watching the little parade where I live (yes, on the country side we have our own little parade – and it is the most exiting thing!), we ate a lot of food (I’m in a total food coma) and just had a great day! Sadly I decided not to wear my bunad this year (because I’m the laziest person ever), which I really regret on, just because I don’t get the time to wear it that often – but here is a little throwback from 2 years ago when I wore it the last time!



For those of you who might wonder which kind of bunad I have: I’ve got the “jelsa” bunad, which is from the west coast of Norway in the “area” (if I can call it that) called Rogaland.

10 people you need to follow on instagram

I’m obsessed with instagram, and of course instagram story! I’m following maybe too many people on instagram, and I think I could sit here for many hours to pick out my favorites, because I got so many! But here are my top ten favorites right now

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@nrahmichelle loving her feed. The perfect minimalistic one with so much outfit inspiration

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@mypetitedilemma another minimalistic feed that is a favorite of mine! So much inspiring outfits, flatlays and more!

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@lioninthewild just love her! I think this may be my #1 favorite right now!

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@viennawedekind. another one, if you’re looking for some outfit inspirations

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@thelustlistt. One word needed: WANDERLUST

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the famous @songofstyle. I love her, so inspiring. And also my favorite blogger of all time.

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@saraeshu. Just another minimalistic dream!

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@sincerelyjules. Makes me wanna jump on a plane and travel to paradise. #wanderlust


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If you ever get the chance to visit Norway, especially Stavanger, you really have to try the restaurant called “The Shack”. They got T-H-E B-E-S-T milkshake ever. It’s too jummy.

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Spending my Saturday morning strolling around the city and lunchin’ with my mom. We went to the flower market to look at all the green plants, just because I needed some fresh inspiration to my life. Now I need to buy my self a big cactus, a number 2 lemon tree and 1000 new plants in general; God I love plants, and I’m more of a green plant girl than I am a flower girl.



What I love about spring is that you can finally go outside and work out. I’ve never been a “go to the gym every single day” kinda girl, just because there is something magical about the windy and fresh air.

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NIKE Sneakers, MODEMUSTHAVES.COM water bottle, towel & sweatshirt, H&M sports bra & yoga tights

When I’m working out outside I love to do a short, but intense workout using the jumprope! Now, spring is finally here, and I can finally combine it with my daily little strength training “program”.


As a student I don’t want to spend money on expensive gyms, and why waste a lot of money when you can workout in your own bedroom?


I’m not the kind of girl that likes to run many miles, and I really prefer doing some smaller exercises at home on my yoga mat or take a long power walk (if it’s not too cold outside).

My little workout routine:
10 x squats, 10 x sit ups, 20 seconds x plank, 30 seconds x jumping jacks. Repeat 3 times and take a little 30 seconds break between every little exercise.

After that I love doing some yoga poses, just to relax again. My little workout routine is so simple and easy and it takes not a lot of time, which I like, and I’m doing it every single day – yes, even on sundays! Find the right music that gives you a good mood and start working it (my fav song right now is Light (WRLD remix) by San Holo, and I really recommend trying to work out while listening to this song)! Don’t forget water to keep you hydrated!