me-time is the best time

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I appreciate me time like crazy, and taking care of yourself is so important. It’s just the time where I can shut everything out and just relax. I think we all need to really take a little time for ourself sometimes and forget about all the things that causes stress (even if it’s work or your studying).


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Interior – and fashionmagazines
Getting inspired and reading the latest magazines makes it all better. Just lying in the bath tub can be kinda boring (if you ask me).

Shai razor
I feel like it’s actually easier to shave while lying in a bath tub than in shave in the shower. Agree? Haha. My fav of all time is the one from shai – and no, I’m not payed or even sponsored for saying that, I just think that the shai razors are the best.

Face masks
I’m totally in love with face masks, and while taking a bath is the perfect time for a mask. I really like the ones that really deep cleanses my skin, but I’ve also been so in love with sheet masks lately

Bath bombs
Bath bombs has been a thing for a while now, and the concept is so cool! When ever I want to take a bath (which is not often) I’m always throwing in a bath bomb, it’s also kinda satisfying to watch it disappear in the water tho.



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Over the last year I’ve been obsessed with the fragrances from Zara, and for those of you who have been following my blog for a while now must’ve noticed that I’m in general pretty obsessed with Zara, but their fragrances tho! I just love all their senses, and the bottles of them are so cute as well, but the best part about these are that they are totally inexpensive.


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Using a glitter coat on top makes it a little manicure so much more fun, and it is super duper easy! You should try it out.

Here I’m using the Zoya nail polish in the color Rue which I think is the most perfect nude pink color and the gold glitter nail polish is from Ruby kisses. And of course a little shout out to Zoya nail polishes for making the best (I’m not even kidding you guys) nail polishes ever! I’ve tried so many brands, and no one is so freaking good at the polishes from Zoya, they last for days and days without chipping.

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I’m obsessed with nail polishes, and I always wear them. I just think it makes the perfect touch to every thing, and being creative with your manicure can make everything “pop” (if you know what I mean). I love being creative with my nail polish, not only wearing one color at the time, but actually mixing an matching different colors or taking a glitter coat on top. I think that has been a huge trend lately, and I’m obsessed.

REVIEW: IsaDora ultra matt liquid lipstick

Happy Thursday you guys! Hope you are ready for another review from me? Well finally, here is my little review on the ultra matt liquid lipsticks.



The packaging of this is so handy. The lipstick is so small and it is so easy to throw in your bag, your school backpack or even your wallet if you’re going out.


I love the feeling of it when I’m wearing it. It is not sticky or it’s not drying, and that is what I really love about this product. I’ve tried different matte liquid lipsticks before, and one of my favs has been the lingerie collection from NYX. That collection has also been very hyped up, and been very popular for a long time now, but this one from IsaDora is just so much better in both consistency and how it feels on my lips, I think.

Bilde 25.05.2017455
Before applying it

After applying it


As I’ve mention in my previous blogpost about this one (the one writing about my fav lip color), this lipstick is so natural and matches my natural lip color so well. It is kind of an “my lips but better” color, and that is what I really like to wear on a daily basis.

Just look how natural it is.



A total yay from me! I just love this product. It’s so natural, very easy to apply, and of course. The color are so stunning. The only “negative” thing I can think about is that there is not so many colors in the ultra matt liquid lipstick collection from IsaDora, but I really hope that there will be more of them pretty soon!

My latest review, read it here


What is you fav matt liquid lipstick? xoxo Therese


Being blessed with having thick hair and a very long healthy hair also means that I have too many bad hair days through the year. I don’t know if that’s because I sleep like a crazy person – I actually have been told that I sleep very quietly; maybe that is just to be nice – who knows? Haha, anyways. The last few years I’ve been a master of bad hair day up-do’s and I wear them casually every single day, even if I dont have a bad hair day. Wanna know why? Because it is so easy, and I really don’t want to be distracted by my hair while studying or being at work.

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All you really need for these hairdos is one invisibubble and a caps. I love the invisibubbles, and I’ve been a big fan of them for two and a half year now, just because they stay in my hair all day and doesn’t damage my hair like regular hair elastics does. I like switching up the hair elastic game with clear ones or black ones, really depending on what I’m wearing that day, or what is right next to me (yes, I’m always late and I really have to hurry, every single day. Gosh, when will I learn?)

Bilde 29.04.2017, 15.25.38

The sleek ponytail: I don’t think there is something so classy than a sleek ponytail, and such a good idea if you’re having a bad hair day (or even a greasy hair). It can hide everything. But what I kinda find negative about this hairstyle sometimes it’s that it don’t hide away all your tangles. If my hair gets really tangled I actually prefer to go for a messy bun instead.

Bilde 29.04.2017, 15.21.35

Ponytail combined with a caps: This may be my favorite for spring summer time when you really don’t want to get the sun blending your eyes. It also gives you the sporty vibe look, which also is kinda great (if you’re like me, really want to look like a sporty chick without being one).

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Just wear a caps and hide your big tangles underneath: I don’t know about you guys, but everytime I’ve had the biggest tangles and just want to wear my hair down I always go for this hairstyle. I like to hide my hair behind my ears if I’m wearing big earrings, because, why would you hide them?

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The messy bun: The messy bun is my go to. I just love it, because it is so simple and really gets the hair out of your way.


Do you have any other tips that you want to share with me (and the readers) for a bad hair day hair do?


If you haven’t heard about this famous drying lotion that Kylie Jenner swears to, you must have been living under a rock for the last couple of months! Say hello to my holy grail that I need to use every single day. And I’m totally obsessed with it!

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The cutest little packaging! And it is so handy, just because the bottle is so small! It’s actually pretty good if you’re travelling as well.


You get the feeling right a way that it is drying out your breakouts when you put it on the skin. But it doesn’t hurt or anything. And that is what I really love about it! I hate when products that are supposed to rinse burns on your skin, so this is a total plus for it, if you ask me.



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A totally Y-A-Y from me! The Mario Badescu drying lotion has been a lifesaver for me the last year! I’ve had very bad skin, where I got these big pimples that was hurting so bad, and would last for many days. As I got older I started trying out different drying products on the market, I started to to be more strict to my self when it came to cleansing my skin, but for me, there was nothing that worked the way I wanted. I couldn’t get rid of my bad breakouts, until I found this one.

The price on this one is not bad at all. I’ve been paying around 200 NOK for this (around 20 dollars), and that is pretty inexpensive if you ask me!


REVIEW: CHANEL Perfection lumiére velvet

The biggest task I think I’ll probably ever had must be finding the perfect foundation. For many years I was obsessed with the Camera ready BB-cream from Smashbox, but lately I started getting allergic reactions from using it. My eyes was tearing up, and people thought I was crying constantly, just because it was irritating my eyes so bad, I can’t even explain how painful it was, but I kept on using it until it was empty, before I finally starting testing out a new one, and it was the Chanel perfection lumiére velvet foundation.

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I love the packaging of it! The black classic chanel package with the white text on. I just think it’s the perfect minimalistic look of it (and I also think that is why I wanted to try it out – I’m kinda weird that way!)

Bilde 26.03.2017, 15.44.01


I love the feeling of it when I’m wearing it. It actually feels like I have nothing on my skin, and it looks so natural. And of course, the color fits me perfectly. I’m just so obsessed with it. The foundation is so lightweight, but it covers up all my imperfections so good. It’s insane, just because it has this super thin consistency.

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As you guys can see, I also have a lot of redness in my skin. I’ve starting getting it lately, and I think it is because of the weather is getting warmer (or am I just an idiot for thinking that may be the reason? Lol). I’m actually thinking about getting a primer especially for my redness problem that I got going on in my skin right now, but I actually don’t know if I need it, just because it covers up so good with only one thin layer of foundation.

Just look how natural it is.

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Well, if you ask me: This foundation is worth every single little dollar (or for me: norwegian kroner), it is so good, and I haven’t got any allergic reaction from it yet. For my foundation I payed around 450 NOK for it, which may be around 40-50 dollars, but it is so worth it.

What I really like about this foundation is that, for me, I’m pale AF, and finding a foundation for me is so hard, just because I can literally never find a shade that perfectly matches my skintone. This tho, is just amazing, and the shade is so perfect, just because it comes in many different shades, from very pale, to dark. Which is a big thumbs up!

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This blogpost was inspired by Lilia‘s review blogposts! I just think these kind of blogpost inspires the most, and totally helps other people while searching for new make up products or accessories like handbags and other things!