Bilde 10.09.2017, 11.52.45

Bilde 10.09.2017, 11.52.39

For my smoothies I’m using a handfull of blueberries, a handfull of raspberries, 1 banana, 1 glass of water, a handfull of coconut chips and some gojiberries.

Bilde 10.09.2017, 11.52.05

Bilde 10.09.2017, 11.51.58

Smoothies may one of the one thing that I really love! I love starting my day with a fresh smoothie, especially in the weekends where all I wanna do is relax, watch some youtube videos, doing my nails, reflect on what I’ve learned the last week and read a lot of magazines.

I’m not the one that really enjoys green smoothies of juices, it’s something that is not made for me, cuz I rather eat my greens than drinking it. And I’m also not a fan of eating gojiberries, but for me it is perfect in the smoothies. But this one is so yummy, and it is filled with a lot of good vitamins – especially from gojiberries!


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