Bilde 09.09.2017, 17.32.06.jpg

Over the years I have tried countless lipsticks, both matte, glossy, liquid matte lipsticks, and not to forget lip pens. Without really finding the one I think is perfect. I am extremely picky by nature, generally when it comes to everything. Because yes, I’m so hard to do that I’m getting a little tired of myself at times. (Haha).

When I’m looking for new makeup products, especially when it comes to lip products, I have almost too many criteria that being able to cross all is almost impossible. Among other things, they will look natural, the lipstick must stay in place all day (the lipstick has to pass the “kissing test” – the one where you kiss yourself on the hand and see if it comes of), and it’s going to be comfortable and not to forget about it. And the list goes on …

Bilde 09.09.2017, 18.17.00.jpg

The other day I went on a little shopping trip with my mum downtown in Stavanger, and I found out that they had started to sell urban decay (YES! FINALLY) in stores, and after looking for some new makeup products I bought this lip pencil in the color native. I just fell in love with it, just because the color was so perfect for everyday use, and it actually looks pretty damn good (if you ask me).

Bilde 09.09.2017, 18.16.32.jpg


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