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Planning is key if you really want to keep track of time, and if you wanna succeed! The last couple of years I’ve been obsessed with cute stickers and sticky notes, planners and of course colorful pens – it makes it so much more fun while planning your weeks .


My top 3 tips to always keep control on your time schedule:
1. Write down all your plans for the upcoming week, like if you’re having a shift at work, if you need to go to lectures, if you have exams or deadlines. And even if you’re having a date with this cute boy
2. Use colors. Use a lot of them! Stickers, washitape, pens and you name it! Make planning colorful and fun! I recommend to find a lot of cute stickers on etsy. (My fav shop is the stickwithme, she has so many cute ones!)
3. Always plan your weeks on Sundays! Then you always have the best control on what’s going to happen, and then it’s so much easier saying yes to a coffeedate with your girls (or even that cute guy)

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