Music is a huge part of my life. I need music every morning and every day to get through it. It’s weird, isn’t it?



1. Free - Broods
2. Awake - Tycho
3. Won't Let Go - Aria
4. Lightweight - Galavant
5. High On You - Sebastien
6. I Am - Sick Individuals
7. Gated Community - Embee
8. Sadness - RABBII
9. Hold The Line - Broods
10. Cry Wolf - Luna Shadows

I have always been told that I have a very special taste when it comes to music. I’m not that kinda girl who really loves the popular pop music that every one listen to. To be honest, I get sick of that type of song really quickly, just because I feel like every one is very look-a-like (if you know what I mean?). If I could describe my music taste with using only one word it must be unique. I love finding songs that really means something to me, and that I will be playing over and over (andoverandoverandover) again without being sick of it.



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