me-time is the best time

Bilde 02.07.2017, 14.55.25

I appreciate me time like crazy, and taking care of yourself is so important. It’s just the time where I can shut everything out and just relax. I think we all need to really take a little time for ourself sometimes and forget about all the things that causes stress (even if it’s work or your studying).


Bilde 02.07.2017, 14.55.11

Interior – and fashionmagazines
Getting inspired and reading the latest magazines makes it all better. Just lying in the bath tub can be kinda boring (if you ask me).

Shai razor
I feel like it’s actually easier to shave while lying in a bath tub than in shave in the shower. Agree? Haha. My fav of all time is the one from shai – and no, I’m not payed or even sponsored for saying that, I just think that the shai razors are the best.

Face masks
I’m totally in love with face masks, and while taking a bath is the perfect time for a mask. I really like the ones that really deep cleanses my skin, but I’ve also been so in love with sheet masks lately

Bath bombs
Bath bombs has been a thing for a while now, and the concept is so cool! When ever I want to take a bath (which is not often) I’m always throwing in a bath bomb, it’s also kinda satisfying to watch it disappear in the water tho.


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