bilde-29-06-2017-18-56-37.jpgBilde 29.06.2017, 18.55.26

For this recipe you only need (this will give you 3 small milkshakes): Around 10 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream, 7 Oreo cookies, milk, and for the topping and decor I used whipped cream (I used the one that comes in a can) & chocolate sauce.

This is how you do it: Start scooping vanilla bean ice cream into a blender. I made 3 Oreo milkshakes, so I used around 10 scoops, mix the ice cream with some milk (for the milk you really have to try out how much you want, like: do you prefer a thick milkshake or a thinner consistency?). Let it blend for a little while in the blender before you’re mixing the Oreos in to the milkshake. Blend it until it’s nice and even. Find some cute milkshake cups and make a little pattern with chocolate sauce. Top it off with some whipped cream and a Oreo cookie!

Bilde 29.06.2017, 18.55.10Bilde 29.06.2017, 18.55.05Bilde 29.06.2017, 18.55.01

Happy Friday you guys. I gotta little recipe for you today, and it is totally FriYAY approved! This milkshake is just too good; I promise you, this milkshake will make you dream about milkshakes all night! It’s perfect for the summer weekends, if you’re about to have you’re girlfriends over for a cozy night in, and of course, it’s super easy to make.


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