To be honest, I never watch TV or even series anymore. I’m not sure why, but I’ve been so busy that taking time to watch a serie hasn’t been in my list of priorities, until now. Lately I’ve been obsessed with watching series, just to relax and taking small breaks from my exam reading, and here are my two current favorite series:



Skjermbilde 2017-05-30 kl. 20.34.43.png

“Sophia, a misfit, discovers a passion for fashion, becoming an unlikely businesswoman in the process. As her business grows, however, she has to learn to cope with life as her own boss. This show is loosely based on the true story of Nasty Gal Founder, Sophia Amoruso.” –

A original serie created by Netflix. I actually didn’t know that Netflix created series (yes, I’ve kinda been living under a rock – I’m totally guilty of that!). This serie is just too good. I can remember the last time I laughed so much, and of course; If you want some real inspiration how to be the bomb #girlboss, this is totally the serie for you!



Skjermbilde 2017-05-30 kl. 21.17.54.png

“15 year old lux had been in and out of foster homes her whole life, until she decided to get emancipated but when that doesn’t work out is when she meets her birth parents.” – IMDB.COM

This series I’m totally obsessed with, and I watched two seasons in one week where I was multitasking with reading for my statistic exam and watching series. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been guilty on doing that!


HAPPY TUESDAY BTW! I’ve finally finished my first year at business school where I had my last exam today which was a finance exam. I can’t believe it. This year has been crazy hectic, and it just flew by. Now I official have 2 years left before I get my bachelors degree, and I can’t wait to the next courses that will be waiting for me the next semester. But before that; summer vaycay – yay!!




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