Happy Friday you guys! Are you excited for the weekend? Well, I have a lot of studying to do before my math exam that I have on Tuesday! But let’s not talk about boring stuff, because today I want to share with you guys my current lip color that I’m totally obsessed with. To be honest I’m not the biggest fan of wearing anything other than a plain lip balm on my lips, just because I think it is so annoying when it comes of when you either drink or eat. But lately I’ve been using this color every single day, and I love it. I just think it is the perfect neutral color for an everyday look, and since it is matching my natural lip color I really don’t need to touch it up so often (just blend what I have left on, if you know what I mean?).

Bilde 25.05.2017455
AFTER APPLYING THE LIP COLOR; Just look how natural it looks. And how similar (but a little darker) it is to my natural lip color. I just love this color cuz it is kinda “my lip color but better”

The lip color is called “posh pink” and it is one of the isadora matt liquid lipsticks. I’ve never actually used any isadora products before, but this one I actually likes a lot! I also planning on doing a in dept review on this one, so stay tuned for that!


xo Therese


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