Happy Wednesday you guys! I hope you all are doing well?

Today was the Norwegian constitution day – so happy birthday Norway! I spent the day with my family, watching the little parade where I live (yes, on the country side we have our own little parade – and it is the most exiting thing!), we ate a lot of food (I’m in a total food coma) and just had a great day! Sadly I decided not to wear my bunad this year (because I’m the laziest person ever), which I really regret on, just because I don’t get the time to wear it that often – but here is a little throwback from 2 years ago when I wore it the last time!



For those of you who might wonder which kind of bunad I have: I’ve got the “jelsa” bunad, which is from the west coast of Norway in the “area” (if I can call it that) called Rogaland.

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