Bilde 29.04.2017, 15.27.51

Hey guys! Okey, wow. Long time, no see. I did not expect that it would be so long between my latest update and now. First of all, I’ve been so busy with reading for my psychology exam, and it went pretty well (at least I hope so!). I spent so much time studying for my exam that my blog really wasn’t a priority at all, and I think every student out there can relate on this!

After finishing my exam I went straight home, I had all these ideas in my head for all these kind of blogposts I really wanted to make. I started planning, and I was about to turn on my computer, which was my biggest problem. It crashed, and the hard drive on it was totally dead, so here I am, writing on my new MacBook Pro! I knew I needed one ASAP, so that was my biggest priority to fix.

Skjermbilde 2017-05-12 kl. 21.07.14.png

And second of all, I FINALLY BOUGHT MYSELF MY FIRST CAR! I’ve never been that excited for something for a really long time, and the fact that I finally got the chance to buy my dream car as my first one is just like a dream come true (literally). I’m so happy, I can’t explain.


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