Being blessed with having thick hair and a very long healthy hair also means that I have too many bad hair days through the year. I don’t know if that’s because I sleep like a crazy person – I actually have been told that I sleep very quietly; maybe that is just to be nice – who knows? Haha, anyways. The last few years I’ve been a master of bad hair day up-do’s and I wear them casually every single day, even if I dont have a bad hair day. Wanna know why? Because it is so easy, and I really don’t want to be distracted by my hair while studying or being at work.

Bilde 29.04.2017, 15.36.08

All you really need for these hairdos is one invisibubble and a caps. I love the invisibubbles, and I’ve been a big fan of them for two and a half year now, just because they stay in my hair all day and doesn’t damage my hair like regular hair elastics does. I like switching up the hair elastic game with clear ones or black ones, really depending on what I’m wearing that day, or what is right next to me (yes, I’m always late and I really have to hurry, every single day. Gosh, when will I learn?)

Bilde 29.04.2017, 15.25.38

The sleek ponytail: I don’t think there is something so classy than a sleek ponytail, and such a good idea if you’re having a bad hair day (or even a greasy hair). It can hide everything. But what I kinda find negative about this hairstyle sometimes it’s that it don’t hide away all your tangles. If my hair gets really tangled I actually prefer to go for a messy bun instead.

Bilde 29.04.2017, 15.21.35

Ponytail combined with a caps: This may be my favorite for spring summer time when you really don’t want to get the sun blending your eyes. It also gives you the sporty vibe look, which also is kinda great (if you’re like me, really want to look like a sporty chick without being one).

Bilde 29.04.2017, 15.27.51Bilde 29.04.2017, 15.28.06

Just wear a caps and hide your big tangles underneath: I don’t know about you guys, but everytime I’ve had the biggest tangles and just want to wear my hair down I always go for this hairstyle. I like to hide my hair behind my ears if I’m wearing big earrings, because, why would you hide them?

Bilde 29.04.2017, 15.30.38

The messy bun: The messy bun is my go to. I just love it, because it is so simple and really gets the hair out of your way.


Do you have any other tips that you want to share with me (and the readers) for a bad hair day hair do?



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