Skjermbilde 2017-04-10 kl. 22.00.23.pngSkjermbilde 2017-04-10 kl. 21.56.13.pngBilde 10.04.2017, 15.48.06

Bilde 10.04.2017, 15.47.59Skjermbilde 2017-04-10 kl. 21.52.55.pngBilde 10.04.2017, 15.48.14.jpg

Bilde 10.04.2017, 15.50.17.jpg

GINA TRICOT jeans / ZARA shirt / H&M earrings, choker & leather jacket / CONVERSE shoes

CASUAL AND COMFY IS ALL I’M IN FOR. I love this outfit, with the oversized shirt (that might could’ve been a size smaller – but I l-o-v-e it), a pair of white converse sneakers and of course a black leather jacket on top.

Time flied today. I’ve been strolling around with my mother and little brother, had the best time with a little lunch date and a little bit of shopping. I actually bought a new member to my interior collection, which I will show you guys later. xx

Oh btw; The photos were taken by my little brother. I’m feeling so proud, he is just 10 years and has got a little talent there, if you ask me!

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