REVIEW: CHANEL Perfection lumiére velvet

The biggest task I think I’ll probably ever had must be finding the perfect foundation. For many years I was obsessed with the Camera ready BB-cream from Smashbox, but lately I started getting allergic reactions from using it. My eyes was tearing up, and people thought I was crying constantly, just because it was irritating my eyes so bad, I can’t even explain how painful it was, but I kept on using it until it was empty, before I finally starting testing out a new one, and it was the Chanel perfection lumiére velvet foundation.

Bilde 26.03.2017, 15.44.33


I love the packaging of it! The black classic chanel package with the white text on. I just think it’s the perfect minimalistic look of it (and I also think that is why I wanted to try it out – I’m kinda weird that way!)

Bilde 26.03.2017, 15.44.01


I love the feeling of it when I’m wearing it. It actually feels like I have nothing on my skin, and it looks so natural. And of course, the color fits me perfectly. I’m just so obsessed with it. The foundation is so lightweight, but it covers up all my imperfections so good. It’s insane, just because it has this super thin consistency.

Bilde 26.03.2017, 15.46.45

Bilde 26.03.2017, 15.47.41


Bilde 26.03.2017, 15.54.59

Bilde 26.03.2017, 15.55.33


As you guys can see, I also have a lot of redness in my skin. I’ve starting getting it lately, and I think it is because of the weather is getting warmer (or am I just an idiot for thinking that may be the reason? Lol). I’m actually thinking about getting a primer especially for my redness problem that I got going on in my skin right now, but I actually don’t know if I need it, just because it covers up so good with only one thin layer of foundation.

Just look how natural it is.

Bilde 26.03.2017, 16.09.11


Well, if you ask me: This foundation is worth every single little dollar (or for me: norwegian kroner), it is so good, and I haven’t got any allergic reaction from it yet. For my foundation I payed around 450 NOK for it, which may be around 40-50 dollars, but it is so worth it.

What I really like about this foundation is that, for me, I’m pale AF, and finding a foundation for me is so hard, just because I can literally never find a shade that perfectly matches my skintone. This tho, is just amazing, and the shade is so perfect, just because it comes in many different shades, from very pale, to dark. Which is a big thumbs up!

Bilde 26.03.2017, 16.08.23

This blogpost was inspired by Lilia‘s review blogposts! I just think these kind of blogpost inspires the most, and totally helps other people while searching for new make up products or accessories like handbags and other things!


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