Taking care of you skin is so important! When I was younger, I didn’t do anything, and I always had all these breakouts, but now, as I am a lot older, I’ve been starting to be better on using the right products for my skin, and also take of my make up and rinse my face every evening.

I have a very sensitive skin, so for me it has been quit a challenge to find the right products. I’ve used a lot of money and really been investing in taking care of my skin. I believe that the price tag is not so important if it really helps your skin. Like for me, I have some products that are very inexpensive and of course some products that somebody may think is very expensive, but for me, it’s not, just because I’ve learnt that using a little more on products that really works is a lot better on buying cheap products that only will make your skin look even worse. If you know what I mean?

Bilde 12.03.17, 16.17.20

When it comes to skin care my two favorite brands are formula 10.0.6 and clinique. That is probably the only brands I’ve used since high school and still are my favorites. From the Formula 10.0.6 brand I’m using the picture perfect day moisturizer and the blemish care (that gel is the best if you’re having small pimples) and the deep cleanser toner, and from the clinique I’m using all the make up removers – and I’m totally obsessed with the brand.

Bilde 12.03.17, 16.19.38.jpg

For my blemishes and breakouts I love using the blemish care gel and the Mario Badescu drying lotion. For me, having a very oily skin is so annoying, I get a lot of breakouts, but after using these two products every single night I started to see that my skin is getting so much better, I can’t even describe! These two together is pretty amazing I would say.

Get the blemish care gel here and the drying lotion here

Bilde 12.03.17, 16.19.06

After using these products every single evening I’ve started to get minimal puffy eyes – which is what every girl wants, right? For less puffy eyes I got two favs; the clinique rinse-off for my eye make up remover and of course the all about eye serum also from clinique. I’ve been reacting so badly on eye-make up removers lately, and before I was going to work the other day I stopped by to buy the rinse-off from clinique to see if this was something that could work for me, and it was just amazing! I fell in love with it when I first started using it!


FIY: Some of the links in this blogpost is adlinks!



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