bilde-21-02-17-10-58-47-1Skjermbilde 2017-02-21 kl. 22.22.16.png

Bilde 21.02.17, 10.58.13.jpg

Colourful necklace from ZARA, cross earrings H&M (still in the stores), blue earrings ANNA DELLO RUSSO for H&M 2012, gold necklace (christmas gift) from SECOND FEMALE, pink and silver earrings MANGO (still in the stores)

I’ve always been an minimalist by heart, but I’ve always wanted to be better and use big accessories, just because I think it’s so cool. There are some jewellery that I’ve hated when I first bought them, don’t ask me why, but now I’m just in love with them, and I’m so happy about it!

Big jewellery are on trend right now, and I’m still collecting. There are so many cool stuff out there, and I think that Mango is really doing a great job this upcoming season!


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