Skjermbilde 2017-02-11 kl. 22.59.17.png

H&M shirt here and earrings / CLINIQUE liquid lipstick here (adlink) / CALRISONIC here (adlink) / L:A BRUKET bath salt here (adlink)  LINDEX lingerie bralette here and here, panties here and here / DL&CO skull interior detail here (adlink) / DESENIO wall art here / DYBERG&KERN earrings here (adlink) / VOLUSPA CANDLE here / OH K! face masks here (adlink) / dome interior detail here (adlink) / CHANEL book here


For me, valentine is nothing special. I just don’t understand why we should do something special for the one(s) we love just once a year, why not make it like a 369 days thing where we’re doing small great things for each other? Well, that is at least my opinion about the valentine. But, if you’re still hunting down for a little gift for your girlfriend or bestie, here is a little collage with some tips just for you!

Hope you all are having a GREAT valentine filled with lots of love! xx


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