Hello february – you came a little bit to early this year. Or did you?

The days are getting brighter, and the weather is getting better. I kinda like it that way, and I’m totally ready for sunny days, and probably the temperature will get a little bit higher as well ASAP? At least I hope so!

Skjermbilde 2017-02-01 kl. 20.41.00.png

H&M skirt & earrings / SHEIN shoes / MONKI sweater / CHLOÉ bag

I finally found a pair that looks a lot like the gucci loafers that has been THE BOMB on the internet for a while now, and I’m about to get my hands on a pair. I’ve been wanting a pair for a long time now, but never been a fan of the pairs that got the mohair kinda thing in it – it’s kinda too special, if you ask me. This spring I know I will love denim skirts, and I need to get my hands on a pair as well! I love this outfit, and this outfit is what I would love to wear today!


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