You’ll need: Tortilla chips, beans, leeks, cheese, salsa, avocados (to make guacamole), regular quark and rockets (or salad of your choice).

Make the easiest nachos ever: All you have to do is put some tortillachips on a plate, cut some leek and sprinkle it on with some beans and some salsa sauce. Top it off with some cheese and heat it in the oven util the cheese is meltet. Serve it with som quacamole, some regular quark and rockets, and of course enjoy it (and eat a lot!).

Hope you guys like blogpost sharing a little dinner tip?
I personally is not eating 100% vegetarian not a vegetarian, and I know that I never will fully become a vegetarian, but some times using beans instead of meat is a great idea, and this is my fav way to make nachos. Trying to not eat meat for one day during the week has been a trend for a very long time now, and I’m a big fan of it!


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