As a student I don’t want to spend money on expensive gyms, and why waste a lot of money when you can workout in your own bedroom?


I’m not the kind of girl that likes to run many miles, and I really prefer doing some smaller exercises at home on my yoga mat or take a long power walk (if it’s not too cold outside).

My little workout routine:
10 x squats, 10 x sit ups, 20 seconds x plank, 30 seconds x jumping jacks. Repeat 3 times and take a little 30 seconds break between every little exercise.

After that I love doing some yoga poses, just to relax again. My little workout routine is so simple and easy and it takes not a lot of time, which I like, and I’m doing it every single day – yes, even on sundays! Find the right music that gives you a good mood and start working it (my fav song right now is Light (WRLD remix) by San Holo, and I really recommend trying to work out while listening to this song)! Don’t forget water to keep you hydrated!




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