1. Make healthy chocolate bars with goji, coconut and nuts. yum Cutting down on sugar this year, trying to make a healthy chocolate bar with 80% chocolate. Chocolate is rich on atioxidants, so a healthier version that is actually good for you is a must.

2. Start my second semester at school and continue to work hard as F*ck! Less classes, but maybe harder classes. This semester is filled with economic courses, and I’m not exited. Haha, but I will continue on my hard working and hopefully it will be great!

3. Go to the hairdresser. Chop my hair and try another hair color. I need some changes in my life, and my hair really needs a treatment! ..And I’m not sure yet what I wanna do.

4. Save money. And fill up the saving account for an apartment with the maximum amount for the year.

5. Make plans for this year, where I wanna travel and make a priority list of which cities I REALLY wanna visit. I wanna go to copenhagen, London and New York. At least try to travel to two of the cities this year.

6. Save up for my first designer bag and decide which I wanna get. I really want a gucci dionysus bag, and that is on top of my list right now!

7. Finish the book that I’m reading before my semester starts.

8. Do lots of small workouts and drink a lot of water. 

9. Take more pictures and make great content.

10. Give my spotify playlist a little detox. Deleting all the “old” stuff, and I’m in need of finding new good music.


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