// You’ll need
wire, green plants like eucalyptus and paniculata flowers, and of course some thread to hang it up with.

This is how you do it:
Make a circle with the wire. Make sure wrap it around so it is secure and solid enough. Twist the flowers around, and if you’re having trouble with it sticking to the wire at the end, you can cut up some clear elastics and tie them together at the ends! Voilá.

You’ll need
Mini trees, some wrapping paper and jarn.

This is how you do:
cut of some paper and wrap it around the tree. Make sure there is enough paper to cover up the flowerpot,

//You’ll need
Candles, green flowers and silk ties

This is how you do:
Chop off the flowers so it matches the lenght of the candles. Tie some silk ties around with a bow to keep the flowers in place.


You’ll need:
Flower crowns (DIY longer up in this post), silk ties and a long stick.

This is how you do:
Make flower crowns in different sizes and tie them to a stick and hang it on the wall. Make

ps: If you live in Scandinavia, and is having a Søstrene grene store nearby, I would really recommend you to check out their crafty supplies! So good quality for a lower price!

All the images is from pinterest 🙂


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