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ZARA jacket, H&M tee, ADIDAS sneakers, GINA TRICOT jeans & earrings

Happy Wednesday! What are you guys up to? I got the day off from work, and soon I will be out of the door to spend the day with my bestie! But before that, I wanna show you what I wear today; I’m totally obsessed with these nipple-boobie tee trend. I just think it’s so cool. This one with rose patches is my new fav, and I kinda like this a little bit more than my avocado one! Haha.

xx Therese



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H&M dress

I’ve always seen myself as an minimalist, but when I saw this dress I immediately fell in love. It’s just the perfect summer dress, and it literally goes with everything. You can either dress it down for an everyday dress, or an evening dress either you’re going to a wedding, a concert or having a girls night out.

I’m actually planning on making a little blogpost on how you can style this for different occasions, and of course a day to night look (which is so easy!), so stay tuned for that! xx Therese


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When your co-worker bestie brings you flowers. Thank you C, it totally made my day. ❤

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I managed to get an B on my course in statistics, which is totally insane, and I’m so happy, just because I got so many mixed feelings after I was done with my exam (either it could go pretty bad, or it could turn out to be great)! I’ve worked so hard this semester and the courses for this spring semester was so hard, and getting payed with good grades is a total boost.


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Over the last year I’ve been obsessed with the fragrances from Zara, and for those of you who have been following my blog for a while now must’ve noticed that I’m in general pretty obsessed with Zara, but their fragrances tho! I just love all their senses, and the bottles of them are so cute as well, but the best part about these are that they are totally inexpensive.


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MONKI tee, H&M jacket & earrings, NLY shoes, GINA TRICOT jeans


I’m sure what I’ve been thinking about this nipple trend if I can call it that, but when I saw this tee at monki I knew I had to buy it! I’m obsessed with everything that has an avocado on, and this tee was just to cool!


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H&M shirt, EGO shoes, GUCCI bag, THEUNDONE.COM jeans & jacket


I’m about to grab a iced coffee from the refrigerator and go. I’m soon of to work, but before that I really need to fix some things. I actually have a jacket that I need to return, just because there was a huge discoloration on the latest jacket that I ordered online, it’s actually so annoying when that happens.

Today I wouldn’t mind wearing this outfit. All black to match my attitude – haha, just kidding, but I’m totally obsessed with this outfit, all the pieces in general. Can we talk about that Gucci bag tho? I want it so bad!


xoxo Therese