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For my smoothies I’m using a handfull of blueberries, a handfull of raspberries, 1 banana, 1 glass of water, a handfull of coconut chips and some gojiberries.

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Smoothies may one of the one thing that I really love! I love starting my day with a fresh smoothie, especially in the weekends where all I wanna do is relax, watch some youtube videos, doing my nails, reflect on what I’ve learned the last week and read a lot of magazines.

I’m not the one that really enjoys green smoothies of juices, it’s something that is not made for me, cuz I rather eat my greens than drinking it. And I’m also not a fan of eating gojiberries, but for me it is perfect in the smoothies. But this one is so yummy, and it is filled with a lot of good vitamins – especially from gojiberries!


Pinterest is my fav place to look at inspiration when it comes to my future home office. And for a creative person as myself, that means I really want a BIG workspace area. It is actually pretty hard finding the perfect desk, if I can say so my self – but it is freaking easy to actually make one yourself without costing a lot. My tips for that is just using some Ikea nigh stands of small commodes to make one yourself, just the way you want it.

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SØSTRENE GRENE chair / H&M HOME candle / INDISKA hourglass / HOME&COTTAGE cartable / KID INTERIØR lamp / ELLOS carpet / IKEA commode / APPLE iMac

I think it is pretty obvious that I love pink, white and gold. And here are my fav items that I really wants in my future home office! (Can we all just take a moment and look at that søstrene grene chair. I’m so in love with it, and it is just so perfect!)


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H&M TREND jumper

I’m not a fan of colors, but here we are, I managed to buy myself a red striped jumper. I’ve always been a fan of just black, white and grey ‘colors’, because I like to be very simple and minimalistic, but the last couple of month I’ve been so into colors, and I kinda like it – and that is pretty ridiculous if I can say so myself.


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Over the years I have tried countless lipsticks, both matte, glossy, liquid matte lipsticks, and not to forget lip pens. Without really finding the one I think is perfect. I am extremely picky by nature, generally when it comes to everything. Because yes, I’m so hard to do that I’m getting a little tired of myself at times. (Haha).

When I’m looking for new makeup products, especially when it comes to lip products, I have almost too many criteria that being able to cross all is almost impossible. Among other things, they will look natural, the lipstick must stay in place all day (the lipstick has to pass the “kissing test” – the one where you kiss yourself on the hand and see if it comes of), and it’s going to be comfortable and not to forget about it. And the list goes on …

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The other day I went on a little shopping trip with my mum downtown in Stavanger, and I found out that they had started to sell urban decay (YES! FINALLY) in stores, and after looking for some new makeup products I bought this lip pencil in the color native. I just fell in love with it, just because the color was so perfect for everyday use, and it actually looks pretty damn good (if you ask me).

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Using makeup also means that you really have to take care of your skin. I just think that is rule #1, always. Taking care of my own skin has been a priority for me the last couple of years, and finding the perfect products that don’t gives me allergic reactions has been pretty damn hard, and today I’m sharing my top 4 favorite skincare products with you:

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CLINIQUE liquid facial soap. My trusty makeup remover. I don’t know how many of these I’ve used up, but let me tell you, it ain’t few of them. This one has been my fav for the last 3 years, and I’m not planning on testing others in the future. What I really love about this is that it really takes all of the face makeup of, it leaves your skin feel so soft, and it really lasts for a very long time because you just need a tiny little bit.

CLINIQUE different moisturizing lotion: My all time favorite moisturizer. It sinkes into my skin pretty quick, and it got the best cooling feeling while applying it (if you ask me). The only thing that I don’t like about this moisturized is that it doesn’t have SPF in it. (So dear Clinique team, if you ever read this. Make this with SPF in it. Please)

CLINIQUE rinse-off eye makeup solvent: Is actually the only thing that I can use on my eyes! I got so sensitive eyes, that everything else I’ve tried had made my eyes swollen and irritated.

ORIGINS zero oil toner: My all time favorite toner. This one is actually a new favorite of mine, after replacing my old one from formula 10.0.6 with this one. I’m actually also using this one every morning before I’m applying makeup. I’ve never been a fan of showering and washing my face with water in the morning (I don’t know why – I think that is a weird thing), so instead I’m using this one to cleanse my skin. It works wonders and it takes all the oil of my skin.

(What I also loves about both Clinique and Origins is that the package is so aesthetically pleasing! Yes, that is also very important when I’m buying skincare products. #funfactoftheday)

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