I’ll have a triple sparkle macchiato with extra glitter

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My previous phone died a while ago, and all I could think about was getting a new one as soon as freaking possible. Yes, I know, I’m kinda little bit too obsessed with social media and checking my phone. I went for the iPhone 6s in rose gold, and I’m so in love with it. (I may be some years behind on the iPhone game).

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The hardest part about getting a new phone is choosing the case to it. There are so many out there, and let’s be honest, I’m the most picky person on earth. Everything has to be perfect, and I really have to LOVE something if I’m going to buy it. I literally used 2 days to find the perfect one, and it is filled with sparkle and I love it.

The iPhone case is from the brand ban.do, and I’m totally obsessed. It’s kind of a “toy” to, and I find it very satisfying to watch the glitter and confetti moves around while turning the phone upside down. Haha.


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What you’ll need (for one person):
2 handfull Rocket salad
1/2 Cucumber
1 mozzarella cheese
Cherry tomatos
A little bit of olive oil (Using this as a topping)
Herbs of your choice (I used oregano)

Cut the cucumber and mozzarella and mix in with the cherry tomatoes and rocket salad in a bowl. Add a little bit of olive oil on top with some oregano (or herbs of your choice) and enjoy!

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There is nothing that is better with eating clean, and lately I’ve been totally obsessed with salads – and I think this one is my new fav! It’s so good and it actually keeps you full for a very long time. This salad is perfect for either breakfast, lunch or dinner, or even as a side thing for the perfect barbecue night – and of course it is so easy to make and it takes you maximum 2 minutes – I think I wanna call this the new fast food. (yup, I totally just said that!)


Music is a huge part of my life. I need music every morning and every day to get through it. It’s weird, isn’t it?



1. Free - Broods
2. Awake - Tycho
3. Won't Let Go - Aria
4. Lightweight - Galavant
5. High On You - Sebastien
6. I Am - Sick Individuals
7. Gated Community - Embee
8. Sadness - RABBII
9. Hold The Line - Broods
10. Cry Wolf - Luna Shadows

I have always been told that I have a very special taste when it comes to music. I’m not that kinda girl who really loves the popular pop music that every one listen to. To be honest, I get sick of that type of song really quickly, just because I feel like every one is very look-a-like (if you know what I mean?). If I could describe my music taste with using only one word it must be unique. I love finding songs that really means something to me, and that I will be playing over and over (andoverandoverandover) again without being sick of it.


brekkie @OStehuset

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A morning filled with good food and coffee


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I met one of my girls for a little breakfast session before I needed to go to work. It was so nice catching up with her and just talking about life in general since she has spent a year in Australia finishing her grade! We went to Ostehuset, my favorite place to eat in Stavanger (where I live, and if you ever are planning on visiting Stavanger, you have to try them out). They just got the best food in town, and of course I went for the club sandwich, as always – which is totally my fave, and of course a iced coffee!

me-time is the best time

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I appreciate me time like crazy, and taking care of yourself is so important. It’s just the time where I can shut everything out and just relax. I think we all need to really take a little time for ourself sometimes and forget about all the things that causes stress (even if it’s work or your studying).


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Interior – and fashionmagazines
Getting inspired and reading the latest magazines makes it all better. Just lying in the bath tub can be kinda boring (if you ask me).

Shai razor
I feel like it’s actually easier to shave while lying in a bath tub than in shave in the shower. Agree? Haha. My fav of all time is the one from shai – and no, I’m not payed or even sponsored for saying that, I just think that the shai razors are the best.

Face masks
I’m totally in love with face masks, and while taking a bath is the perfect time for a mask. I really like the ones that really deep cleanses my skin, but I’ve also been so in love with sheet masks lately

Bath bombs
Bath bombs has been a thing for a while now, and the concept is so cool! When ever I want to take a bath (which is not often) I’m always throwing in a bath bomb, it’s also kinda satisfying to watch it disappear in the water tho.